Galaxie® GS

  • GS – configurable gearbox with hollow shaft and flange input interface 

  • Galaxie® GS – configurable gearbox with hollow shaft and flange input interface

The Galaxie® GS is a compact, configurable, backlash-free gear box with a hollow shaft and  flange input interface.
Galaxie®, the radically new gearbox class, was nominated for the prestigious German Federal President’s Award for Innovation in Science and Technology. 

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Configurable, backlash free gearbox with hollow shaft and flange input interface


  • Customizable gearbox
  • Highest torque density
  • Highest torsional rigidity
  • Maintenance free
  • Improved true running
  • Robust and precise output bearing
  • True zero backlash
  • Easy integration into machine design


  • Increased productivity
  • More stable processes
  • Achieve higher performance machine designs
  • Greater competitiveness
  • Reduced commissioning time and costs



Outer diameter1D  [mm]160191193241
Hollow shaft diameterd  [mm]33457257
Length2l  [mm]145161129213

Max. acceleration torque3

T2B  [Nm]1086180018004050
Max. output speed3n2max [rpm]95808061
Nominal output torque3T2N  [Nm]4507507501685
Nominal output speed3n2N  [rpm]23203515
Emergency stop torque3T2Not [Nm]30005400450012000
Torsional rigidity3Ct21 [Nm/arcmin]3706506501400
Max. input radial loadF1Q(SF1) [N]2150450048005850

* Customized versions also available for sizes 085 and 215 on request

1 Without connectors/varies depending on mounting position
2 Without cooling connectors/varies depending on pre stage and motor dependent adapterplate
3 Values are subject to variations of +-10%
4 With negative gear ratio, output turns in opposite direction to input; with positive gear ratio, output turns in same direction as input

Technical data for reference only


Driven by parallel mount motor via belt and pulley.  Customized versions also available for sizes 085 and 215 on request. Available in the MF and SF version. 

Typical applications

A/B/C axis for precise positioning in CNC machine tools for milling, grinding and lathes.

Galaxie GS

Hollow shaft

Optimized flange input interface for belt and pulley

Optional water cooling (size 150)